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Deana Mitchell

Deana Mitchell is freelance multimedia journalist, writer and photographer. She has experience in high-pressure news environments in print, broadcast and online.

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‘Beautiful Language That is Silent’

American sign language interpreter Lydia Callis became an overnight sensation when she worked with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg last fall during Superstorm Sandy. Though interpreting vital informa...

Jen davis article

Blog: "Photographer’s Self-Portraits Inspire Dramatic Weight Change"

“I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was, how big I was,” said photographer Jen Davis, 35, reflecting on the earlier self-portraits she had been making of herself for more than ten years. She first b...

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Moving Sculpture: A Mesmerizing Look at NYC Legs - ABC News

Every day on her 3-and-a-half mile trek to and from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, through Central Park, down to the midtown building that houses The New York Times Magazine, where she works as a associate photo editor, Stacey Baker keeps an eye out for interesting legs. It comes naturally to the Chicago-native. Baker said she’s always been drawn to legs. “Some women want to be taller or have larger breasts, in my case, I always wanted to have longer legs,” she said.  When she sees a pair that inspire her, she whips out her iphone and enters into…

Ap day of dead 7 dm 111101 wblog article

Blog: "Dia de Los Muertos"

If all goes as planned, souls of deceased loved ones will be welcomed home this evening, at least in Mexico, where friends and family have been preparing for their arrival for weeks. Today is Day 2 of...

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Portraits of Out and Proud LGBT Young Athletes

Today, thousands of students around the United States are falling quiet. Participating in National Day of Silence, they hope to raise awareness to the continued harassment and discrimination faced by ...

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Crying Meri: Violence Against Women in Papua New Guinea - ABC ...

The international spotlight is on the small Melanesian nation of Papua New Guinea where the level of violence against women is among the highest in the world. Some 70 percent of women in Papua New Guinea will be raped or physically assaulted in their lifetime, according to Jenny Hayward-Jones, a researcher at Sydney’s Lowy Institute think tank. Russian born photographer Vlad Sokhin has been documenting the results of this violence against women since 2012 through a project called “Crying Meri.” (Meri is Pidgin for women.) He shares his portraits of the victims and shares their stories, as they were told…

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Fashion Week's Star-Studded Front Row - Yahoo!

View the Fashion Week's Star-Studded Front Row photo gallery on Yahoo!. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

Lv lola 1 dm 120123 wblog article

Elephant Herd Mourns Loss of Calf

A baby elephant at a German zoo who suffered from heart problems has passed away.  Lola would’ve been the world’s first elephant to have heart surgery to remove a blood clot, but died during preparations for the operation.  At just three months,  during a CTA scan, the calf suffered from a pulmonary embolism and could not be revived. Zoo director and veterinarian Dr. Andreas Knieriem commented on Lola’s tragic death to the UK’s Daily Mail:  ”Considering the pathology, it has to be said it’s a miracle that she lived as long as she did. Her arteries were so blocked that…

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PHOTOS: Hypnotic Cinemagraphs Capture Cherry Blossoms in Motion

One of our own happens to be visiting Japan during the Cherry Blossom festival. ABC News photo editor Deana Mitchell captured these moving images of the cherry blossom trees while in Tokyo. The peak in Japan ranged from mid to late March this year. The cherry blossom season is relatively short;  peak bloom occurs just one week after the first blossoms appear. In Washington, D.C., this week is considered the peak time so it’s not too late to get outside and enjoy the bloom.  All images by Deana Mitchell.            

Mitchell deana llama article

VIDEO: A Natural Solace

Sharon Bumb was a lonely child—teased at school, disconnected from her family. As an adult, she has struggled with depression. But all her life, time with animals has been Sharon’s salvation.

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Intimate Rare Look Into the Thoughts and Photos of World ...

While photojournalist Ed Kashi has been traveling the world making amazing photographs for publications such as National Geographic, he has also been building a family. Leading almost a dual life, spending roughly half the year on the road, Kashi credits the strength of his wife, filmmaker Julie Winokur, shown below with their two children, for keeping their home life working while he is away. All photographs by Ed Kashi/VII Photo “If I hadn’t met someone as incredible as Julie, I would’ve ended up like most of my colleagues–divorced or alone.  I am lucky…I can’t imagine not having them to come…

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Cherry Blossom Centennial Celebration 2012: How the ... - ABC News

(Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images) One hundred years ago, before the age of the automobile and shortly  after the invention of the airplane, a group of Yoshino cherry trees  were forced to bid adieu to the land of the rising sun and start anew, like so many other immigrants had, in a new land.   Madam Hiroshi Kawamura, the wife of a diplomat and her children, walk beneath the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C., in 1925. (Getty Images) The bid to get the cherry trees, sent as a gift of friendship from the city of Tokyo, to Washington,  D.C., had begun…

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Family and Friends Come Together for the Fourth - ABC News

Neither falling on a Wednesday or a temperature of around 100 degrees could stop droves of people from lining the coasts of the Hudson River to watch the Macy’s Fourth of July “Ignite the Night’ fireworks display. Hoboken, N.J. proved to be prime viewing real estate with the fireworks being ignited from a boat between Manhattan and New Jersey. All Photos by Deana Mitchell/ABC Simmi Dharah, 8, right, and her brother, Sahil, 7, watch the fireworks display in Hoboken, N.J., July 4, 2012.   Thousands turned out to the New Jersey side of the Hudson River to view the Macy’s…